yoomoo news review: April to June

Each month, we’ll be pulling together some of our tastiest yoomoo press picks to share on our blog and here’s our first entry, our favourite pieces of coverage from April to June!

Each month, we’ll be pulling together some of our tastiest yoomoo press pics to share on our blog and we’re proud to present our first round-up, our favourite cuttings from April to June!

Health & Fitness Magazine

In the June edition of Health & Fitness magazine,  glamorous presenter Lisa Maxwell shared her on the go eating habits, listing Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food as her guilty pleasure. However, the magazine staff recommended their readers switch this unhealthy treat for our very own (healthier, but equally as devilish) devilmoo!

OK! Magazine

In April we hosted a mootastic party for yummy mummies Donna Aire and Tanya Bryer at our Harrods yogurt bar in London. What with all the celebs and yummy frozen yogurt on offer, OK! just couldn’t keep away.


Zest Magazine

In April, Zest introduced the yoomoo range as part of their lastest ‘Gastro treats and good-for-you eats’ section.  They’re sure it will be everyone’s ‘go-to’ treat!

Woman & Home

Our very own chocmoo was featured in the shopping list in the Spring edition of Woman & Home, amongst some of their favourite foodie items.

Prima Baby

Prima Baby love the yoomoo mini pots – so much so that they featured all of the flavours in their Food Bites section!  Now all new yummy mummies can enjoy a treat without feeling guilty.