Full interview with That’s Yummy Mummy!

Hey fro-yo fans!

If yoo’ve come here from our Graze-ia app, then here is the full interview with one of our fave bloggers, Jess at That’s Yummy Mummy! If yoo haven’t read Graze-ia yet, then what are yoo waiting for? There’s music, a delish recipe and a competition to win £200 in Kurt Geiger vouchers – plus much, much more.

Jess - Thats Yummy Mummy

Hey Jess, firstly – what’s your job? 

I am essentially an interiors stylist – a job I udderly adore! When I am not doing my ‘day’ job I write my blog – that’s Yummy Mummy – a lifestyle blog for mums.

Favourite moo? 

angelmoo I love the berries and seeds; oh soo yummy!!

Which of the famooly most reflects your personality and why?

angelmoo…but not the yoga bit but I love trips to the country …I live for that discovery of somewhere new and getting back to nature!

If yoo were given the keys to the yoomoo laboratory, what flavour would yoo create?

Champagne cocktail flavour!

What’s your favourite band/artist?

The eagles are my all time faves.

What’s the best gig yoo’ve ever been to?

Primal scream at Camp Bestival 2011.

Have yoo ever been crowd surfing


If we came to your house, what would we find in your fridge

Greek yoghurt, chicken, chilli, fish sauce, cava, garlic …..pork and lamb, very smelly Camembert, gallons of milk and fruit.

What is the best thing since sliced bread?

My iPhone.

Why isn’t the number 11 pronounced onety one?

It is isn’t it? Same thing with two-ty two surely? (!)