yoomoo at home

yoo can recreate the magic of our yogurt bars, in the comfort of yoor own meadow. what’s more, they’re deliciously indulgent and low fat – double bliss!

about our tubs

our 170ml pots have been made especially for yoo, with delicious swirls of sauce and toppings combined with creamy fro-yo. they’re so convenient, yoo can just pick your favourite and enjoy it straight from the tub.

with our larger 750ml tubs yoo can experiment by adding your own different toppings, treats and fruit combinations – just like our yogurt bar experience

deliciously cream on their own or served with a twist, they’re the perfect healthy indulgence to keep in your freezer

where to buy your moo

luckily enough, yoomoo is so deliciously yummy and guilt-free that all your favourite supermarkets have rolled out thee grassy green carpet in their freezer aisle for us.

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