moore about us

find out more about yoomoo and the team behind the fro-yo experience.

how it all began

yoomoo was founded by happily married moos, amanda and daniel.

following a glamorous trip to LA in 2009, where they danced on tables and sampled the delights of fro-yo, the couple had a joint epiphany (ooh er). they decided to bring the guilt-free, fabulous concept of frozen yogurt back to the meadows of britain.

with a skip to their step and a mission in their heart, amanda and daniel set out to create a uk fro-yo moovement; the best guilt-free frozen yogurt in the land.

the first yoomoo yogurt bar opened at harrods in 2010. moos travelled fast of this funky fro yo magic, and before long, their pastures began to extend far beyond the grassy meadows and bright lights of london. new yogurt bars popped up across the uk, and further afield.

not wanting to stand in the way of a good thing, the low fat delights of yoomoo launched into the supermarket freezers in 2012. within a few months, hundreds of thousands connected with their inner cow, and catapulted yoomoo to become the #1 frozen yogurt brand in the UK.

our married moos still work and graze at yoomoo hq, and live by its founding manifestoo: nothing is a problem, everything is done with a smile, and every once in a while you’ve just got to get down, to get on up!

Yoomoo Timeline

Loves water-skiing, jaunts in the countryside and making every moment count. Daniel’s a huge fan of the perfectly patriotic redwhiteandmoo, showing how much he loves everything British that yoomoo is about.

Meet Danielmoo

Loves kickboxing, travelling and is a self-confessed chocaholic. It’s not surprising that her favourite moo is decadently chocolaty devilmoo.

Meet Amandamoo