Our yogurt bars

we have a fondness for our yogurt bars; it’s where our journey started after all. here yoo’ll be greeted with a feast of joy, so ready your senses, explore your creative side and choose how yoo moo. we love the festive season and currently have a few festive treats on the menu in store… gingerbread is one of them!

Where Yoo Can Moo

pop along to one of our many grassy meadows across the UK, or even the world, to fully connect with your inner cow

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Our Menu

yoomoo is all about creativity and personalisation, so we’ve created many fun ways for yoo to enjoy fro-yo, now let us guide yoo into our delicious world.

to reach a zen-like cow state, simply choose a size, then a yummy flavour of fat-free frozen yogurt and finally decorate with a selection of udderly fun toppings.

The Famooly Range

if your mind is all of a boggle and yoo can’t decide, worry not, as we’ve put together some of our favourite flavours and topping combos to help yoo on your way.

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If you're a regular already, visit our at-home page, where we might tempt you to fill your freezer, with our tasty range of 170ml and 500ml yoomoo tubs.