yoomoo frozen yogurt hits supermarket shelves

We’re hoogely excited to let yoo know about our new ‘at home’ range of fro-yos – now on supermarket shelves up and down the country! Herd on down to Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Morrisons stores to moo from the comfort of your own home with our seven new low-fat, udderly delicious flavours.

150ml tubs

Just herd on down to your nearest supermarket to try our new 150ml pots of devilmoo, angelmoo, strawbswirlmoo or tropicoolmoo frozen yogurt.


Likes yoga & weekend trips to the countryside

If yoo want a healthy but tasty treat, angelmoo may be the moo for yoo. It boasts creamy natural yogurt with swirls of tangy blueberry sauce and freeze-dried mixed berries, topped with vanilla-flavoured pumpkin seeds to give it a bit of extra bite.


I like deep sea diving & pirate treasure hunting

If yoo dream of paradise getaways, yoo’ll get on well with this moo. tropicoolmoo mixes natural frozen yogurt with swirls of juicy mango and passion fruit sauce, topped with tangy freeze-dried mango pieces.


Is addicted to chocolate & loves base jumping

devilmoo combines an udderly decadant mixture of natural and chocolate flavour frozen yogurt with swirls of chocolate-flavoured sauce and rich brownie chunks, all topped with milk chocolate stars. It tastes really naughty, but contains just 3% fat and 151kcal!


I like fresh fruit cocktails & running wild outdoors

Get fruity at home with strawbswirlmoo. It’s a natural frozen yogurt with swirls of strawberry sauce, topped with freeze-dried strawberry pieces – great for those that are mooing mad about berries!

750ml tubs

If yoo prefer to mix things up a bit yoomoo-style, then there are three new moos for yoo too. Meet nakedmoo, strawbmoo, and chocmoo, delicious 750ml fro yo tubs ripe for home experimentation!


I like music festivals & pyjama parties 

If yoo like chocolate, but yoo’re not a chocoholic, then chocmoo could be for yoo. It’s natural frozen yogurt swirled with a chocolate fro-yo. Combine it with sweet treats to make a tasty, indulgent delight.


I like globe trotting & singing in the rain 

Yoo should think of nakedmoo as a blank canvas to do what yoo please with at home. Yoo could eat the creamy fro-yo on its own (it’s only 102 calories per serving) or get creative and experiment with different toppings and accompaniments to make a tasty but healthy treat.


I like fruit picking & star gazing with friends 

Strawberry fro-yo swirled together with natural frozen yogurt in one tasty package, what moore could yoo want? Just add your choice of toppings or treats to bring it to life.

Don’t forget, all our fro-yo is low fat, free from any nasties, full of natural goodness and suitable for veggies.

Keep your eyes peeled for yoomoo in your supermarket – yoo can now moo with peace of mind at home!

  • http://www.ian-thomas.net/ Ian Thomas

    Can’t wait to try this, I know that Mrs Thomas is looking forward to a devilmoo!

  • Joanneduggins

    as a health freak yoo moo is a fantastic tasting treat for me xxxxxxxxxx

  • I.H

    I adore devilmoo but cant get it in a tub in the uk !! WHY !!!

    • Allycat

      I brought devilmoo at Waitrose they do all varieties small/large pots!!

      • Angelamhepburn

        I had a tub on holiday in the Isle of Wight.  I really liked it but I thought it would have been better with more fruit content. I will make my way down to Waitrose though to see if I can find them there…

  • Patrick_oneill21

    more expensive than gold


    they didn’t seem to know about it in sainsbury’s, nto a good customer service

  • Amanda

    Morrisons – its on offer and all flavours are goooooooooooorgeous!!

  • guest

    omg yoomoo where have u been all my life?

  • quarrybank surfer

    Brought a 150ml tub today it was great but rather miffed the tub was only half full, so the kids only got a taste.

  • Brimsy88

    I was so excited when I heard Yoo Moo was launching in supermarkets. I am a huge frozen yoghurt fan and most of the existing brands you can buy in the supermarket have a gritty, icy texture. Yoo moo is amazing.

  • Rach Doyle

    I can’t believe what I’ve just done. I just bought a 750ml tub of Chocmoo and I ate it all within half an hour. My top lip is almost numb! This is soooooo delicious. I love Ice cream but it’s heavy, Yoo Moo is light and has the most amazing taste ever! I have a 750ml tub of Nakedmoo too but better not start on that yet. All I know is that I have to go back out and get a couple more of tubs of Chocmoo. So delicious!!!!!!! Thank yoooooooooooo

  • Gillbarnard

    Soooooo  disappointed to see that Yo Moo in St Davids 2 in Cardiff has gone. It was a fantastic treat. I will miss it so much. Help…please, where can I find it another outlet. SUCH a loss from Cardiff City Centre!

  • Chrissy

    OMG…… i’ve just eaten a small pot of angelmoo……it is lovely. On a diet aswell so its a big treat for me…mmmm…