Jenna McCorkell shows us how she moos in yoomoo TV advert

Are yoo humming along to our song yet? We thought so…

Have yoo seen the brand new yoomoo TV advert? Wow, we really have come a long way since opening our first yogurt bar 18 months ago.

In our ad, 9 times British ice skating champ Jenna McCorkell shows us how she moos by performing some breathtaking moooves on the ice while indulging in a tasty, low-fat pot of yoomoo.

Feast yoo’re eyes on the yoomoo TV advert below and tell us how yoo like to moo by dropping us a comment!

  • Di

    Please, please tell me the singer and song title.  Can’t stop humming it!  Love the advert, everything stops when I hear the tune.  Well done Yoo Moo people!  Haven’t seen your product on the shelves in my area but on the look out!

    • Gilly9

      This is an old song! The minute I heard it I was flashed back to the seventies, I can’t remember who they are but I think it was a euro idiom entry..dutch?? Maybe I’m way off!

  • Helenfroggatt

    its by Mouth and MacNeal 1974 ‘Hey thats what I’m living for’

  • Helenfroggatt

    Sorry song title is ‘how do you do?’

  • Peter Howard

    ‘How Do You Do’ Mouth and MacNeal recorded 1972, they were 3rd in the 1974 Eurovision Contest with ‘I see a Star’. Abba won that year. Mouth died in 2004.

    • Kellyandmark1

      you may be old but its more famous and trendy and better known for all us teens as scooter with the icconic that that we all love

      • Kellyandmark1

        what i meant to say was the iconic dance in the water thats had over 3 million hits on u tube of me n my mate

      • Sharon B

        This has been driving me mad. Thank you for putting me out of my misery. Amazing video to this track by Scooter!

  • JAM

    This song is brilliant.   I did recognise it, must have heard it as a young girl.

  • Franki Hopkins

    Or if you don’t remember the eurovision on you might be remembering the scooter song ‘jumping all over the world’ which he uses mouths song!!

  • Ilovedaverate

    very catchy song its very good keep it in my head well done

  • Targetaudience


  • Securitysteve

    You’re all correct, it’s a song by Mouth and MacNeal called “How do you do” but in the advert is cleverly changed to “how do yoomoo”